One of the sea lions turns and waits for her best friend to emerge from his cage before they make a beeline for the sea together.

By Marisa Spyker
February 09, 2018
Jennifer Idol/Stocktrek Images/Getty Images

Just when you thought sea lions couldn’t be cuter, here’s a video that proves otherwise.

While being treated together at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, sea lions Tyrell and Cronutt apparently hit it off. So, when their rehabilitation was complete and it was time to return to the ocean, they weren’t about to go at it alone.

The video shows Cronutt, released first from her transport cage, take a few steps before turning back to make sure Tyrell was right there with her.

And then, like all of us on day one of our beach vacation, they make a beeline to the sea and splash in together.

Watch the heartwarming video:

The Marine Mammal Center—the largest marine mammal hospital in the world—has rescued more than 20,000 mammals from whales to porpoises since 1975, with California sea lions like Tyrell and Cronut being the most common. (You can donate to the center here!)

We’re sure glad these two adorable creatures are happy, healthy, and back where they belong.