It’s never too early for Mai Tais, right?

By Marisa Spyker
January 17, 2019
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In cocktail culture, January tends to breed two types of drinkers. Those who aren’t going dry are typically opting for soul-warming sippers in an effort to combat the bone-chilling temps outside.

But a growing group of bartenders have had enough of the snow. And in response, they’re whipping up the most anti-winter cocktails around: Tiki.

Through the hashtag #TikitheSnowAway and the Instagram page of the same name, bartenders from Toronto to Alaska are banding together in January to share their best tiki recipes, from Navy Grogs to Fog Cutters. The movement was the brainchild of Dani DeLuna, who runs a web site called Home Bar Girl and first came up with the idea four years ago after a particularly eggnog-heavy holiday season.

The hashtag, which has been used more than 2,200 times since, is now a tropical oasis of cocktail inspiration, with fruity libations garnished with hibiscus and concoctions that span nearly every color of the rainbow. Some are dished in true tiki style in traditional totem mugs, while other bartenders opt for hollowed out pineapples or watermelons.

But the very best part of this tiki takeover? Paired with nearly every blissful tiki photo is a full-on recipe, so every tiki enthusiast can whip up their own tropical sippers at home. Whether you’re craving a traditional Mai Tai or something a little more offbeat, there are cocktails for every taste, each guaranteed to bring those vacation vibes back into your life (at least until your next tropical escape).

Here are some from our arsenal to get you started:

Now who's ready to grab some rum and toast to tiki in January?

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