By Coastal Living
June 08, 2015

Living near the coast is good for the soul, but it’s not always so easy on your home. Salt water, sun and that refreshing sea breeze can wreak havoc on some paint. But Mother Nature doesn’t stand a chance against Aura® Exterior from Benjamin Moore. It’s specially designed to stand up to the types of conditions other paints crack under. On the surface, it’s formulated to be hard, which enables it to withstand the elements and resist fading in the hot summer sun. At the same time, it’s made to be flexible underneath to protect against the cracking and peeling which happens over time. Aura® Exterior has strength, but rest assured it has plenty of beauty as well. We are talking about Benjamin Moore, after all. Thanks to our exclusive Color Lock® technology, the rich color you fell in love with will be truer on day one and it will continue to look like new longer, so you can keep enjoying it season after season. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee. Because when you finally get that dream home by the beach, you want it to keep looking as good as your dreams for as long as possible.