By Coastal Living
July 12, 2013

Celebrated as one of the most revisited destinations in the Caribbean, Aruba – One happy island – offers visitors an unparalleled experience, where pristine, turquoise waters collide against the desert-like terrain of the north shore; where peace and relaxation coexist with wild and rugged adventures; where Dutch influence meets American ease; and where a diverse history parallels a bright future. Nestled in the Southern Caribbean on the fringes of the hurricane belt, the island boasts year-round cooling trade winds and an average 82-degree temperature. Aruba offers beach lovers, adrenaline junkies, relaxation seekers and everyone in between a slice of paradise, including breathtaking beaches, a booming culinary scene influenced by more than 90 nationalities, world-famous festivals and events including the weekly Carnival-style Carubbian Festival, lively nightlife at casinos and beach bars, signature land and water activities like beach tennis and windsurfing, hidden gems such as the secluded Natural Pool—known on-island as Conchi—and ancient Quadirki and Fontein caves, historical attractions from art galleries to the archaeological museum, exclusive shopping and sumptuous spas. With all-inclusive resorts, boutique hotels in charming Eagle Beach, high-rise branded hotels in Palm Beach or cosmopolitan city hotels in Oranjestad, the island provides the perfect getaway for first-time guests and loyal visitors. Aruba is at the epicenter of a cultural melting pot, with Amerindian, Latin and European influences found in every aspect of life, from language and island events to flavor-rich cuisine. Foodies enjoy a mouthwatering assortment of flavors, from fresh seafood and Caribbean dishes to exotic churrascaría creations and vibrant Italian, Mexican and Creole fare. Aruba’s 150-plus restaurants range from local dining spots to world-class international establishments. A convenient direct flight away from more than 10 major U.S. cities, Aruba continues to attract couples, families, adventurers and foodies year after year.