By Coastal Living
July 12, 2013

Maryland invites you to come and discover our great state and its expansive coastline. The nation’s largest estuary, the Chesapeake Bay, makes for a great vacation playground. Along its shores, discover Baltimore, Kent, Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Dorchester, and Calvert counties as you enjoy boating, birding, kayaking, biking, lighthouse tours, fishing and plenty of fresh seafood.

Whether you are looking for serene bird watching, deep-sea fishing, wild horses, our famous Maryland crab cakes or a family resort with a 10-mile strip of beach, nearby waterslides and amusement park rides on a wooden boardwalk, you’ll find it all here in Maryland.

Our coastal towns with their charming main streets serve as hubs to explore the beautiful landscapes, rambling rivers and serene streams. Each offers its own unique adventure, personality, cuisine, authentic stories and welcoming people. On both shores of the Chesapeake, there are experienced captains and outfitters who welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge with vacationers looking for that once-in-a-lifetime memory. Plan your visit to one of Maryland’s coastal towns today. Visit for all of the information you need to plan your Maryland getaway, including a FREE Destination Maryland travel guide and Maryland Calendar of Events.

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