By Coastal Living
July 12, 2013

No matter where you are, life is better when your environment is the right temperature. There’s nothing like sitting by the beach watching the sun set while a cool breeze comes along to deliver one of those amazing “close-your-eyes-take-a-deep-breath-I’m-so-happy-to-be-here-at-the-beach moments.”

A few weeks back, we asked our Facebook friends for their ideas on how to stay cool at the beach. Then…when you’re home from your coastal vacation, and ready to mimic the same comfort level you had at the beach, turn to Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating for ideas on how to control your house temperature, save money, and be healthy – all with no ductwork. Not only does Mitsubishi know how to keep you comfortable on a room-by-room basis, their systems are also energy efficient and filter allergens. To find the perfect solution for your home, visit

Enjoy the suggestions below, and be cool!
We asked:

We want to know how do you cool-off on your coastal vacation?

Answer highlights:

-Walking by the ocean. – Robin L.

-Enjoying my deck overlooking the ocean or strolling our beach strand just outside my back door…yeah, baby!! –Robina N.

-No need to cool off, there is always an ocean breeze and a shade tree. –Becky

-Get into the water at the beach. – Janis F.

-In the water, of course. But under a shady tree, sipping on something cool will also do quite well. – Refined V.

-Just relaxing with Coastal Living magazine and drinking my favorite summer drink. –Norma C.

-Snorkeling, swimming, reading a good book in the shade. – Jennette R.

-Boat rides and/or fresh berry smoothies with a wee bit of rum added. –Michelle M.

-Face down in the ocean looking at fish…under the sea…under the sea. –Jane L.

-Sitting under an umbrella on a white sandy beach while the waves gently wash over your toes as the cool salty breeze blows through your hair and a cold drink sits in your hand with anticipation of quenching your thirst. –Lei C.

-Body surf. –Dina Z.

-Swimming in the beautiful ocean. Then having raw oysters with cool cocktails. –Gail H.

-Lounging in the ocean on my favorite floatie with an ice cold beverage & a big straw hat! –C.S.

-An evening dip in the ocean. -Lisa