By Coastal Living
March 12, 2012

Not all of us are born designers who can just look around a room and then visualize an ideal color scheme in our mind. Even if you bring the paint sample chips home to hold against your walls, it's still not the same as seeing the whole room in those colors. Olympic Paint is making the design process easier with ColorClix. You can use the ColorClix Visualizer to upload a photo of a room and paint it virtually. You'll have access to the full spectrum of Olympic Paints to experiment with before you break out the brushes. You can even try different colors on walls, ceiling and trim to coordinate the perfect color scheme. ColorClix gives you the confidence to pick beautiful colors for your room — ones that will complement your furniture, curtains, bedding and anything else — perfectly. Then you can organize multiple color collections into individual projects to save for later. That’s really cool, but ColorClix takes it a step further by allowing you capture an individual color from almost any digital photo and upload it. Found a great shade of ocean blue in a vacation photo? Upload it and ColorClix helps you find the Olympic Paint that best matches it. If you’re thinking about painting a room, ColorClix is the smart way to start your project. It may be the best tool for painting a room since the paint roller was invented.

Click here to view a slideshow of Olympic Paint color combinations.