Save your money and drink great coffee, too.

By Lauren Phillips
January 09, 2019

You don’t need a financial planner or an economics degree to know that buying coffee every day is really, really bad for your budget. Even a $3 cup of brewed coffee two or three times a week can add up to hundreds of dollars a year that aren’t saved or put toward a big-ticket vacation. But when the alternative to buying coffee is a cup of sub-par office coffee, it’s a difficult choice.

The best coffee makers stay firmly at home, and learning how to make coffee there can save money. But for people who have to run out the door every morning or those with long commutes, sometimes buying a cup of coffee (and dropping those hundreds of dollars a year) is the quickest and most convenient option. Until now, at least.

The French Press Lid Tumbler Accessory ($30;—by OtterBox yes, the people behind those unbreakable phone cases—offers a tasty solution to spending so much money on top-notch coffee. With this portable French press, coffee aficionados can enjoy an excellent brew every morning, even if it’s a rushed one.

The French Press Lid pairs with OtterBox’s Elevation 20 Tumbler ($30;, an insulated, 20-ounce stainless steel go-cup. Together, these two coffee tools produce indulgent coffee that can go anywhere—really. No more running out the door without coffee on hectic mornings, or impatiently waiting for the French press to work its magic.

With these two affordable accessories, fresh French press coffee is available anytime, anywhere. It can steep during the commute or a morning meeting and is ready to go (and delicious) whenever it’s coffee time. When that afternoon slump hits, more French press coffee is just a few minutes (plus some grounds and hot water) away. Plus, both are backed by OtterBox’s limited lifetime guarantee, so coffee fiends can be confident that they’ll last a good while.

This isn’t the first portable French press, but it might just be the best portable French press. OtterBox’s take on the portable coffee maker holds 20 ounces of fresh brew (this tumbler doesn’t mess around), while other popular portable French presses hold 15 or 12 ounces. The tumbler is available in more than 10 color options, so it can be a little stylish and office-appropriate, and its exterior is condensation-resistant.

Best of all, once the coffee is brewed and enjoyed, the French press attachment can be removed and the tumbler can be used for water, sweet tea, soda, or any other hot or cold beverage. The Elevation 20 Tumbler even has other lids (including a flavor infuser) that turn it into a super versatile hydration tool, allowing it to be far more than just a coffee mug.

The obvious pros of this portable French press set-up are its great taste (with the right coffee grounds, of course) and convenience. Be warned that it does have cons, namely that the insulation might be a little too good—what a problem to have. According to our tester, it stays hot forever: Great news for slow coffee drinkers, not-so-great news for impatient ones. Plus, an excess of coffee grounds may make it difficult to open the lid and drink.

Even with these cons, the Elevation 20 French press add-on seems like a pretty sweet deal—especially for anyone who hasn’t quite kicked that daily coffee shop habit.