The cat is out of the bag (and into the ocean)! Not all felines are afraid of water.

By Kelli Bender
October 25, 2017
nathan_thebeachcat /Instagram

This article originally appeared on People

Nathan loves it! The female rescue kitten is charming Australia and the international audience of Instagram with her seaside posts.

The black Queensland kitty loves playing, swimming, and splashing in the ocean, and she shares the photos to prove it.

Even though Nathan only started her Instagram account in September, she has already filled it with photos and videos of her ocean antics — posts that have helped her amass over 28,000 followers. Not bad for a baby cat.

According to the Daily Mail, owners Rian and Melissa serve as Nathan’s lifeguards. The couple adopted the kitten earlier this year, after she was found abandoned in a box by a highway.

At first, the owners kept Nathan indoors, but eventually decided she should be a part of their active lifestyle. Each time the family visited the beach, they allowed Nathan to try out her doggie paddle.

Eventually, the kitten warmed up to the idea of swimming to the point where she doesn’t even hesitate when it’s time to dive into the surf.

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At this rate, Nathan will be a synchronized swimmer or expert sailor this time next year.