Say goodbye to forgotten, unlabeled leftovers and hello to a satisfying new system.

By Jake Cohen
February 04, 2018
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Gain control over the icebox with these smart suggestions.

1. Use an Egg Carton For Condiments

Place the bottom half of an egg carton on one of your refrigerator shelves. Then, store all your condiments upside down in the carton, ensuring you get every last drop.

2. Divide Your Drawers

Inexpensive drawer dividers allow you to section off your produce and cheese drawers for greater separation (herbs in one section, fruits in another, etc).

3. Utilize Your Lazy Susan

If you're tired of always pulling everything out of the fridge to reach something in the back, consider placing a Lazy Susan on your refrigerator shelf. It allows you to easily rotate the contents, making everything visible and easy to grab.

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4. Turn Your Refrigerator Door Into Your Grocery List

Keep a dry-erase marker on the fridge, then jot down grocery items as you need them. That way, when someone finishes the milk, everyone will know it's time to pick up more.

5. Have a FIFO Box

Restaurants abide by the first-in-first-out rule in their walk-in refrigerators, making sure the milk bought 5 days ago is used before the one bought yesterday. You can use the same concept by dedicating a drawer or box to place your oldest items that need to be used up first before they go bad.

6. Label Everything

Whether you use a label maker or simply some tape and a permanent marker, label everything with what it is and the date you made it. You'll be thankful when you're not guessing its contents six months later.