By Perri Ormont Blumberg
September 19, 2018
SOPA Images/Getty Images

Sure, you could bring flowers. But what if your host is heading out of town the following day? Sure, you could bring a big ole Ficus. But what if your host doesn't have room? Instead, bring a succulent plant from Trader Joe's—or even two or three since a plant only costs around $2.99—for a thoughtful, easy-to-transport offering next time you're invited over to someone's home for a brunch or backyard BBQ.

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As an article on Apartment Therapy recently praised, "These little cuties are a major bang for the buck. The mini ones are $2.99 at my local store, and the slightly larger ones are under $10. For that price, they make great, inexpensive, and cheerful birthday presents for co-workers, hosts/hostess gifts—and even quick thank yous." Bonus: You don't even need to go on a separate trip to pick succulents up since you can add them to your cart while you're grocery shopping.

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