By Marisa Cohen
January 09, 2018
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Christopher Hopefitch/Getty Images

Get one for everyone in the house.

Families across America are going to be snoozing up a storm in 2018, if Pinterest’s predictions come true. The app just revealed its top 100 trends for the coming year, and in the “Kids and Family” category, snuggled among the pins of natural wood toys, pom-poms, and eco-friendly baby registries, we spotted an item everyone is suddenly talking about: weighted blankets.

Made out of materials such as cotton, fleece or flannel and usually filled with the kind of plastic pellets you'd find if you ripped open a Beanie Boo, weighted blankets can feel like a giant bear has climbed on top of you for a nap. More than just a thick duvet, these blankets exert a deep pressure, giving you the same relaxing feeling as being massaged or deeply hugged.

Weighted blankets are not new—they’ve been recommended for years by occupational therapists to comfort and calm children with autism, ADHD, anxiety and sensory issues. In fact, research by the author and autism advocate Dr. Temple Grandin shows that while a light touch can be very uncomfortable for people with sensory issues, deep pressure can have the opposite effect, soothing and calming nerves (Grandin developed a “squeeze machine” to use for her own comfort decades before anyone thought to weigh down a blanket).

But the sleep-inducing magic of weighted blankets has recently been discovered by families who are simply looking for a better night’s sleep for everyone. New research shows that in adults with insomnia, weighted blankets make them settle down easier, and have a calmer and more refreshing night of sleep.

If you’re looking for a restful slumber, here are two weighted blankets to try (remember to order one that is at least 10 percent of your body weight):

For kids: We love the fun VW bus designs on these blankets ($183;

For adults: These blankets are filled with sand pellets rather than plastic, and come with a variety of duvet covers, so you can switch up the style to match your décor ($150;