By Tracey Minkin
February 06, 2016

While ABC's The Bachelor may be the ultimate guilty pleasure, it's also a rose-studded travelogue, as the reality relationship rollercoaster hauls its bachelor and bevy of would-be brides around the world. For travel junkies like me, keeping a scorecard of the best destinations showcased by the show is a natural sub-game, much like fashion aficionadas might be logging the spread of designers at the Oscars, say. So, can I borrow you for a minute to review my highly subjective curation of the best beach destinations in The Bachelor history?


Season 7: Aruba

Bachelor: Charlie O'Connell

Bachelor Nation Notes: For the first time, all the overnight dates were staged in one place.


Season 8: The French Riviera

Bachelor: Travis Lane Stork

Bachelor Nation Notes: This was the first season with a group date that had an overnight component.


Season 10: Oahu and Kauai, Hawaii

Bachelor: Andy Baldwin

Bachelor Nation Notes: "Officer and a Gentleman" Baldwin was stationed on Oahu during the show's run.


Season 10: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Bachelor: Brad Womack

Bachelor Nation Notes: In a Bachelor first, Womack didn't propose to either finalist.


Season 12: Barbados

Bachelor: Matt Grant

Bachelor Nation Notes: Chelsea offers Matt a California Survival Kit with items for their upcoming life together, but it's never put to use. Matt sends a weeping Chelsea home and proposes to Shayne.


Season 14: St. Lucia

Bachelor: Jake Pavelka

Bachelor Nation Notes: Jake dropped to one knee for the season finale on the Piton-backgrounded Jade Mountain Resort's Celestial Terrace.


Season 15: Anguilla

Bachelor: Brad Womack (AGAIN)

Bachelor Nation Notes: Returning bachelor Womack et gal did a shoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue while on Anguilla.


Season 16: Belize, Panama, Puerto Rico

Bachelor: Ben Flajnik

Bachelor Nation Notes: Season 16 marked The Bachelor's return to Belize--Season 4 bachelor Bob Guiney looked for love at private island resort Cayo Espanto in Ambergris Caye.


Season 17: Southern California, St. Croix, Thailand

Bachelor: Sean Lowe

Bachelor Nation Notes: The Buccaneer, the St. Croix resort that hosted Sean's posse, offers a Romance Package inspired by the show's filming there.


Season 18: St. Lucia, Miami, Vietnam

Bachelor: Juan Pablo Galavis

Bachelor Nation Notes: St. Lucia became the de facto beachy standard bearer for The Bachelor, supplying a host of romantic resorts once again for reality rendezvous.


Season 19: Bali

Bachelor: Chris Soules

Bachelor Nation Notes: As everyone knows who followed Iowa farmer Chris Soules's journey to love, the photo here is not from Bali's Mulia resort, which was by far the most exotic beach locale for this season. This photo was from a truly surreal Bachelor event (among many over the years), wherein a pool party segued to a tractor race. Of course the bachelorettes had to remain in their bikinis. Of course they did.


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