Sure, you could head to Miami and drop $25,000 to ring in 2019 with Nicki Minaj, or you could opt for one of these more wallet-friendly beachfront alternatives.

By Marisa Spyker
December 20, 2018
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America's new-wave playground
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Virginia Beach

In many coastal cities, you can easily blow half a paycheck—or way more—on a seat at a dinner table or a spot at a party on New Year’s Eve. But, luckily for those who live in or near this mid-Atlantic city, that’s not the case. According to a new report from Wallethub, Virginia Beach boasts the lowest average price per party ticket over any other city in the U.S. And, good news for those who consume a bit too much champagne: Average prices for a stay in a three-star hotel are also some of the lowest in the country.

A bright reminder of the three kings at Christmas in Puerto Rico
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San Juan, Puerto Rico

That balmy tropical weather that draws so many celebs to the shores of Miami for the new year is no less present in this dreamy Caribbean island and U.S. territory (no passports required!)—yet prices here are dramatically less. And residents here ring in the new year as vivaciously as they celebrate Christmas: Expect street parties, a beachfront fireworks spectacle, and lavish hotel parties that cost a fraction of the price of those in Miami.

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New Orleans

The Big Easy offers no less of a raucous party scene than other NYE heavy hitters, but at 34 percent less expensive, it’s a great choice for those looking for a city scene at a discount. To save some cash, join the city’s free all-day street parties, from the Sugar Bowl Fan Fest and Parade in the afternoon to the fireworks display along the Mississippi River at night.

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Long Beach, California

Los Angeles isn’t known for being especially affordable at any time of the year, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. But venture just a bit south of the city and you’ll find its oceanfront neighbor, Long Beach, where everything from hotels to party tickets come in cheaper. To really save some cash, head to the city’s free waterfront celebration, featuring live music and fireworks, then hitch a complimentary bus ride back downtown where you can dance the night away.

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Tampa, Florida

Florida’s largest Gulf coast city attracts its share of New Year’s Eve revelers, but compared to most big-city celebrations, prices here are some of the most reasonable around. According to Wallethub, Tampa ranked fourth in its overall New Year’s Eve affordability, which takes into account the average costs of party tickets, restaurants, and cocktails, as well as hotel prices and taxi fares.