Apparently people don’t just want to lay on the beach and drink margaritas on vacation.

By Marisa Spyker
July 19, 2018
James O'Neil/ Getty Images

One of the most satisfying parts of a vacation is the planning stage—from figuring out which restaurants you’ll dine in to scouting the activities you’ll do each day.

And a great one-stop-shop for activity, we’ve found, is Airbnb Experiences, a crowd-sourced portal where locals and local retailers can offer one-of-a-kind activities and excursions outside of your average tourist attractions. You can kayak through caves only locals know about, and learn the secrets behind traditional seafood paella from a home chef.

But among the thousands of options at travelers’ fingertips, one of the most popular experiences doesn’t involve food, wine, or museums; it involves doing good for the environment while on vacation.

Hosted by Plastic Whale, a non-profit in the Netherlands that aims to eliminate plastic waste from waterways, the “Plastic Fishing” experience takes guests on a cruise through Amsterdam’s famed canals with nets for collecting trash along the way. Priced at $31 per guest (a charitable donation to Plastic Whale), the activity is part clean-up and part city tour, with a route that rides through Amsterdam’s historical center.

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The excursion has been getting quite a bit of buzz on social media, garnering more likes on Instagram than almost any other Airbnb experience. And the feedback is equally positive in the reviews, with one guest calling the experience “a great way to tour the canals while also helping the environment,” and another mentioning “lots of people cheering you on from other boats…so you definitely leave feeling good about yourself.”

If you’re wondering what the fate of your catch is, Plastic Whale recycles all canal plastic into boats and furniture (a souvenir from your tour, perhaps?).

Anyone else on board with plastic fishing? We certainly are!