House rules include no high heels, no skinny dipping, and no selfies with sealife.

By Marisa Spyker
February 05, 2018
Photo: Alucia Productions/Airbnb

Considering the vastness of our deep blue sea, few people have had the privilege of truly exploring it. But, as the lucky winner of a new Airbnb competition, you could be one of them.

In partnership with BBC Worldwide, the vacation rental agency is offering three aspiring Cousteaus the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay aboard the Alucia—an oceanic research and exploration vessel used in the filming of documentary series Blue Planet II—while participating in an active research trip in the Bahamas.  

Photo: Alucia Productions/Airbnb

The three-day adventure kicks off with an introduction by host Orla Doherty, a BBC producer who’s logged more than 500 hours beneath the ocean’s surface. Guests will share meals and interact daily with the ship’s research and filmmaking crew, earning a deep-dive look into the science being done to understand the health of our ocean.

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Accommodations aboard the Alucia
Photo: Alucia Productions/Airbnb

As cool as that sounds, the real kicker is the fact that guests will get to partake in an experience that very few others have: a ride in a deep-sea submarine through the crystal-clear and biologically diverse waters off Cape Eleuthera. The Alucia’s submersibles are equipped for marine research, shipwreck reconnaissance, and undersea videography. And they boast nearly 360 degree undersea views—which, as the listing says, is “light years beyond the average vacation snorkel.”

Photo: Luis Lamar/Airbnb

According to the listing, anyone over the age of 18 is invited to apply, provided you agree to adhere to a few house rules. As a guest aboard the Alucia, you’re expected to refrain from activities like skinny dipping (“You never know when the fish might be watching.”); fishing (“We don’t eat our research subjects.”); and wearing high heels (“This is a research vessel, not a cruise ship.”).

If you ask us, those are small prices to pay for VIP access to the spectacular scenes of the undersea world. And besides, we’re Team Flip Flops anyway.