“I keep trying to tell you all, every day is a beach day in Maine.”

By Andrea Romano
January 11, 2018


This story originally appeared on Travel + Leisure

Icy temperatures on the East Coast aren’t always bad. They can also lead to some fun winter activities in some of the most unlikely places.

According to the Boston Globe, a man found the perfect place to go ice skating on Sunday: Long Sands Beach, in York, Maine.

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Peter and Sandra Lekousi recorded the man as the surf came to a frozen halt as it met the sandy beach. But along the shoreline was a perfectly smooth surface that made for a nice skate. Plus, there’s no worry of thin ice.

The recorded lowest temperature for York, Maine, was -9 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday. Sandra told the Globe that it was “too cold for [them] to be on the beach” that day and that the freezing temperatures made the ocean water into “slush.”

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Peter jokingly said on Facebook, “I keep trying to tell you all, every day is a beach day in Maine.”

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Winter storm Grayson, also known as the “bomb cyclone,” brought blizzard conditions to much of the East Coast last Thursday, and record-breaking sub-zero temperatures gripped the area through the weekend.