By Tracey Minkin
January 25, 2016

Like some miracle baby from the time L.L. Bean married a Swiss army knife, the innovative BauBax line of travel jackets puts more function into one garment than I've ever seen (outside of a James Bond or Inspector Gadget movie). I could list all 14 special functions, but it's more fun to watch the video:

Am I right?

Need a diagram? Okay, here's the coat:


And here it is, unpacked:

I don't know which feature I'm the most enchanted by... the glasses pocket with built-in microfiber cloth, the at-your-fingertips pen (no more landing card digging at the last minute), or the genius chest-Koozie to keep your drink off your tray table (and away from your laptop). All I know is I can't wait to take a BauBax out on the road (or up in the air) and put it through all its paces.

Want to join in the fun? BauBax is currently on offer via Touch of Modern, which is featuring the jackets through January 30th. Go here to see them all (you'll need to join ToM to see them, but trust me, it's worth it).


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