Worth flying halfway around the world to spend the night here? We think so.

By Tracey Minkin
July 26, 2019
Courtesy of Seaside Finolhu

Just when you thought that glamping couldn’t get any more luxurious (and less like traditional camping), this happened: a bubble on a beach.

And when I say bubble, I mean a big bubble—perfectly transparent and perfectly magical—an adult-sized snow globe. Inside, a dreamy interior of luxury escape: a four-poster bed draped in white sheer panels with two tidy little bedside tables with glowing lamps flanking it. A modernist easy chair in turquoise and white. A brightly-colored throw rug and wood floors underfoot. And everywhere outside the bubble, the equally magical landscape of the Maldives: bone-white sands, glimmering turquoise sea, and at night, the arching theater of the Milky Way. 

This is the aptly named Beach Bubble Tent, a single and captivating offering at Finolhu, a luxury resort on the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve in the Maldives. The “experience sphere” as it’s called by Finolhu sits on a secluded spit of sand and also has a non-transparent attached bubble alcove with a shower and WC. That, along with a private beach barbecue and a waterside breakfast, seriously puts the glam in glamping.

Built by Spanish bubble experts Eye In the Sky from a high-tech polyester fabric that’s UV-protective, the Bubble Tent joins 125 (non-bubble) villas that stretch along a narrow arc of coral and 1¼ miles of sands that comprise the four-island resort (along with four restaurants, a spa, tennis, swimming, and diving facilities, all designed in a winning blend of modernist and rustic architecture with lots of picturesque thatch roofs.)

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The Beach Bubble is the first clear sphere of its kind in this storied realm of luxury resorts scattered among the Maldives’ far-flung and captivating 26 atolls of more than 1,200 islands, which lie in the midst of the Indian Ocean to the south and southwest of India. A night in the Beach Bubble currently runs at around $700—epic sunset, stars, and sunrise included.