This is not a drill.

By Marisa Spyker
March 21, 2019
Sarah Swan

If we could dream up the world’s most perfect afternoon, chances are it would involve floating in Caribbean-blue seas with an icy margarita and lots of guac.

If your dreams are made of the same, you might want to wake up and book a plane ticket to St. John immediately. Just off the coast of the Caribbean escape in the U.S. Virgin Islands chain floats what could be the most genius idea ever—a solar-powered gourmet taco-and-cocktail boat.

Lime Out, a brand-new eatery that just opened in March, is said to be the first of its kind in the Caribbean, serving up craft sips and bites from the kind of innovative recipes you’d expect to find on a trendy food truck. Among the gourmet offerings are tacos filled with citrus-marinated ceviche, green curry chicken, and “rum ribs.”

Cynthia Swan

All that delectable nosh is served to guests who either swim or sail up to the buoyant eatery’s lime green façade. (Lime Out also delivers.) One side caters to grab-and-go boat traffic while the other serves as the bar’s Caribbean Sea hangout, complete with a water-level wooden bar and submerged bar stools that allow visitors to stay cool while chowing down and sipping on craft cocktails that include margaritas and fruit-filled rum drinks.

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Perhaps the best part of this new Caribbean outpost? The exterior isn’t the only thing that’s green. In addition to Lime Out’s solar-powered kitchen, the bar’s cups, menus, and packaging are all made from recyclable or biodegradable materials. (Better yet, Lime Out sells the cutest reusable tumblers you can take home as souvenirs.) As for straws? You won’t find one here.

Could we love this concept more? See more photos of our new favorite place below:

Cynthia Swan
Dane Tarr
Cynthia Swan