With enough cash, even time travel is possible.

By Marisa Spyker
December 20, 2018
Getty Images

Like birthdays and anniversaries, New Year’s Eve is one of those occasions where it makes perfect sense to splurge. For some, that might mean booking a table at a fancy restaurant or springing for that extra-special bottle of champagne.

And for a select few, that means dropping a quarter of a million dollars to party the night away—twice. In what could be the most extravagant New Year’s Eve package ever, private jet charter company PrivateFly is offering rich people the opportunity to “travel back in time” to ring in 2019 in two separate cities.

As part of the package, guests will kick off the night in Sydney, Australia, where they’ll celebrate the new year Aussie-style “at one of the city’s glamorous nightspots or VIP parties,” according to the website. After midnight, they’ll hop aboard a Gulfstream G550, a 15-seater private jet designed for long-range flights, en route to Los Angeles for celebration number two.

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While aboard the luxury jet, the 13.5-hour flight can be spent as guests wish, with opportunities to take part in either a “Wellness” or “Festive Flight” package. With the Wellness package, guests are pampered with deluxe bedding, designer pajamas, luxury skincare, detox juices, and a healthy menu. Alternatively, the Festive Flight package turns the private jet into a flying nightclub, with high-def sound systems, decorations, and a meal of caviar, champagne, lobster, and lamb tartare.

Those who opt for the latter are in for a long night, as the plane lands in Los Angeles just after 8 P.M. Pacific time on December 31, meaning you’ll have to rally for the midnight celebrations for at least four hours more. To book the nearly-24-hour celebration, you can opt to charter the entire jet for a price of $255,500. Or, you can gather seven friends together and split the cost, for a total of $31,950 per person.

And if all of this is just a little out of your splurge comfort level, no worries: There are plenty of places along the coast to celebrate in style without having to spend six figures. (Here are five of our favorite affordable New Year’s Eve picks!)