Zip around beautiful Maui in a jaw-dropping classic car. 

By Kimberly Holland
September 26, 2018
Maui Roadsters

As if the breathtaking seaside scenery and lush tropical gardens weren't enough, a stay at Maui's Hotel Wailea also affords guests of the exclusive resort the opportunity to take a classic '57 Porsche 356 Speedster reproduction for a spin. The 72-suite, 15-acre, adults-only resort offers one of three Porsches: flame red Pele (the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes), arctic blue "Mano" (Hawaiian for shark), and classic silver Hoku (Hawaiian for stars).

Brandon E. Kamin

Rental rates start at $322 for six hours; a day of driving (up to 12 hours) starts at $406. The classic reproductions are available to all Hotel Wailea guests who have a valid U.S. driver's license and proof of personal automobile insurance. (No international drivers can rent the cars.) You must also be able to drive a manual transmission car. Porsches are forgiving, but they aren't designed for beginners.

If the Porsche experience isn't enough, the Hotel Wailea resort staff will use the house vehicle, a Tesla Model X, to shuttle you around Wailea. You can also pose with a Tiffany-blue jeep, the resort's "mascot," which was used on the series "Fantasy Island." (No driving the jeep, unfortunately, but be sure to pose for an Instagram post.)

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Guests who prefer cabanas to cars will find lots to love at this resort nestled in a hillside perch overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The resort offers complimentary yoga, silks, and group fitness classes. Plus, Hawaiian Outrigger Canoeing exercusions are offered every Wednesday morning. Saturday mornings, you can partake in a complimentary tropical mixology class at The Cabanas, the resort's casual poolside dining spot.

Of course, if these activities are of no interest, there's no shame in whiling away the days by the resort's beautiful pool. Just be sure to bring a good book.