By Tracey Minkin
June 11, 2015

by Travel Editor Tracey Minkin

Having your own private island has never been more on trend, especially since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie let us all know they're island-shopping in Greece. Here are five spectacular islands to indulge the fantasy, both home and abroad, with private island rentals. Color me ready to book... as in right now.

Croatia remains one of the hottest coastal destinations in the world, and this villa on its own little island just 1.25km offshore from the town of Zadar on the mainland is about as sun-bleached as it gets. There's a separate beach hut with a bedroom, so you can even go castaway on your own island. And here's your shady hangout for the afternoons:

You've even got your own gardens with olive trees, palms, pines, orange and lemon trees, and pomegranate bushes. From 1,200 Euros/week.  Check it out, right here.


It will take you 15 minutes to walk the circumference of this jewel in Indonesia's Thousand Islands, in the Java Sea. But what a 15 minutes of paradise: two white-sand beaches, crystal seas, and four utterly romantic Malay and Balinese-style houses for up to 8 castaways of your choosing. I know I'm not getting out of this bed any time soon:

Sleeping in style on

The island is 40 miles offshore from Jakarta, and you can book a leisurely journey via vintage motor yacht. $1,950/night. Learn more and book, here.


Full disclosure: there's a causeway, so this spectacular private island on the Brittany coast of France is not quite an island, but the views across water in every direction will quickly erase this technicality in your mind.

There's a lovely family home plus a second smaller house on the island, plus beautiful wooded paths ripe for exploration. A European idyll, remote and sophisticated. And oh so very French. J'adore. 6,000 Euros/week. Book it, right here.


Closer to home, this charming little island in the Florida Keys is double the adventure: the rental includes a 38-foot houseboat that sleeps up to eight, and has all the creature comforts you'll need. On the island itself are two covered platforms for camping, so you've got your choice of houseboat life or camping island life. Here's your dock:

A 17-foot motorboat is also part of the rental, so you can cruise the Keys as life down here was intended to be. $2,995/week.  Learn more and book it, here.


In the tradition of the Adirondack Great Camps, this is pure Americana style with all the amenities... and you have the island all to yourself. Or just you and me, with our novels and cocktails, right here:

Dry Island is a private family compound complete with main house, log cabin and boathouse (above), not to mention a staff of six including a boatman, chef, and housekeeper, to help make your Adirondack fantasy complete. $4,000/night; $24,000/week. Read more and book, here.

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