And it’s gorgeous.

By Marisa Spyker
September 18, 2018
U.S. Geological Survey

When Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano—the most active in the island chain—began rumbling this summer, residents braced for the worst. Months of eruptions ensued, causing evacuations along with property and land destruction.

But, as Hawaiians grapple with losses, they’re also finding beauty in the new.  Along with miles of land and a new peninsula, that includes a gorgeous black sand beach on the Big Island’s Eastern Shore.

The brand new sandy stretch formed along Pohoiki Bay, a popular surf spot, beach park, and boat launch. As the volcano erupted, lava flow threatened to destroy the beach hangout, but ended up entering the sea a mere 230 feet away. As the waves crashed against the hardened lava, black sand was formed and then spread out further down the coastline, creating a crescent-shaped beauty of a beach (and a serious Instagrammer’s paradise).

The beach now stretches out in front of Isaac Hale Beach Park, creating a lagoon between the former boat launch and the sea. The park has been closed since May due to the eruption, but plans to reopen the area and its new black sand beach to the public are currently underway.   

Will you add this one to your Hawaii beach bucket list?

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