Enjoy a final hurrah before the big day in the British Virgin Islands, where the perfect pre-marriage weekend is as easy as finding the right stretch of pearly beach.

By Lauren Phillips
July 06, 2017
Photo: Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina/Courtesy of BVI Tourism Board

Call it what you want—the Final Hurrah, Stag Party, Bachelorette Party—but this final celebration before married life can be whatever you want it to be, especially if you have it in the right location. To avoid the standard celebratory weekend, forgo typical stateside destinations for somewhere a little more intriguing (and well worth the flight): the British Virgin Islands.

Here, four ways to make a pre-wedding bash in this island paradise unforgettable:

1. Take a Dive

Photo: Courtesy of BVI Tourism Board

Above: The RMS Rhone

Into the water, that is. Add a touch of historic intrigue to any bachelor/bachelorette celebration with an underwater trip to the RMS Rhone, a steamship that sank deep into the azure waters between Peter Island and Salt Island in 1867. Today, this spectacular shipwreck is a highlight of the British Virgin Island dive scene, with history lessons and aquatic life sightings in equal measure. Dive or snorkel here, then rehash all you saw (including, if you’re lucky, a sea turtle) with refreshing boat drinks afterward.

2. Island Hop in Style

Photo: Courtesy of BVI Tourism Board

Above: Bitter End Yacht Club

While a classic bachelor or bachelorette party might involve hitting a series of hotspots in one night, how about hitting a series of gorgeous islands, instead? The Moorings, a charter company, offers yacht and sailboat charters and rentals exploring the more than 25 breathtaking islands of the BVI. Pick the best vessel for your cruising dreams, hire a crew (or dare to go solo for a true adventure), and map out your course.

3. Bar Hop, Island-Style

If your pre-wedding festivities just aren’t complete without hitting a few bars, you’re in luck: The bars on these Caribbean isles are legendary. Whether you’re looking for a raucous evening or a laidback afternoon of sipping locally distilled rum, you’ll find it here. Highlights include Foxy’s Tamarind Bar, the Soggy Dollar, Bomba’s Surf Side Shack, and Willy T (just make sure you've got a designated boat captain!).

4. Kick Back

Photo: Courtesy of BVI Tourism Board

Above: Anegada Beach Club

Yes, relaxing can happen anywhere, but forgetting about your daily stresses (plus any outstanding wedding planning) is a lot easier in a setting as beautiful as this. Retreats like Anegada Beach Club (glamping, anyone?) and Bitter End Yacht Club boast ample space for groups, plus luxurious amenities and easy access to the natural glories of these islands; beautiful Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina will even let you save up to 20 percent when you book early with promo code ADP.

All photos courtesy of BVI Tourism Board