Norwegian Air made an announcement last year promising a new set of routes to the U.S. and a special flight deal to kick it off.

By Erika Owen
Photo: AFP/Getty Images
Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Originally published by Travel + Leisure

Any day with an insane airfare deal is a good day.

Norwegian Air made an announcement last year that has us prematurely planning our future trips to Europe. In 2017, the airline plans to offer $69 flights from the United States to Europe.

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Granted, these would be one-way flights only, traveling from the U.S. to Europe. But it's likely there will also be deals on return flights, making for an incredible bargain.

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At the time of the announcement, Norwegian Air CEO Bjørn Kjos said that average round-trip fares (which includes airfare to more expensive destinations) would cost in the ballpark of $300-350—great motivation for planning an impromptu trip.

Photo: AFP/Getty

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