An iconic celebrity hideaway marks 60 years of barefoot glamour

By Tracey Minkin
January 05, 2018
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Julien Capmeil; Styling by Rachael Burrow; Model Chelsea Rollins of Wilhelmina 

Forever in style, this rugged private island thick with scrub and dotted with palm trees and exuberantly designed villas remains a treasured getaway for the rich, the royals, and the rest of us who have caught on to its (literally) barefoot-chic style. It’s been 59 years since Lord Glenconner, Colin Tennant, purchased the island with dreams of cultivating cotton, but what has ensued is a different breed of cultivation. All it took was gifting a lot to Princess Margaret in 1960, and a cult destination was born.

Julien Capmeil; Styling by Rachael Burrow; Hair by Auldine Browne; Makeup by Kendra Knights; Model Chelsea Rollins of Wilhelmina Models; Shot on location at the Mustique Island Villas

Remaining staunchly low-key (the island has no stoplights, and one can nearly count the shops and restaurants on two hands), Mustique gains its energy from house parties, picnics on the beach, and the serenity that comes from knowing you are precisely where it’s at. 

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Get Here
The Mustique Company offers a breathtaking array of villas along with guest rooms in the charming Cotton House, and charters flights from St. Lucia and Barbados. Rates at the Cotton House start at $580.

 Anne Cartwright

Bring This: A Mustique-worthy Caftan
While this resortwear classic is de rigueur for island life, it’s the de facto Mustique uniform. You cannot lose with an investment piece from Tory Burch or Oscar de la Renta (a Caribbean native who trained under Balenciaga, one of the classic caftan designers of the 1950s). For a slightly more casual approach, consider Colombian designer Paula Saavedra’s Caffe Swimwear (pictured here), Brazilian designer Adriana Degreas, and Mustique’s very own Lotty B.