Threaded together by elongated sand dunes, the Magdalen Islands enjoy sacred solitude in the north Atlantic Ocean―an archipelago of chromatic, ethereal allure.

By Paige Porter
April 06, 2004
John Sylvester

A visit to Quebec's best-kept secret, the Magdalen Islands, is toever after see the rest of the world as monochromatic. Here, colorsdelight the eye with such exuberance you'll forget the existence ofpastels.

If you stop where the spirit moves you, you won't get far fastin the Magdalens. These Technicolor islands seduce the eye―asif to say, in a thousand vibrant shades, "Don't forget us when yougo." That, of course, would be impossible.

We have assembled a few images of these brilliant islands into aslide-show feast for the eyes.