Frankly, we’re not surprised.

By Marisa Spyker
January 24, 2019
Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images

If there was a recipe for the perfect ‘Gram-worthy photo, it’d have a few key ingredients: a splash of color here, a sunset there, and—last but certainly not least—water.

Put that magic trifecta together and throw in a medieval city rich with charming cobbled streets and striking Gothic architecture and you have what very well may be the world’s most photogenic city. At least that’s what the experts at Kayak say, who recently crowned the coastal city of Porto, Portugal, the #1 Most Instagrammable Destination for 2019.

According to the travel planning site, “Porto’s colorful buildings, oceanside appeal, and stunning views” are what ultimately make it a mecca for photo opps. Whether you’re a seasoned ‘Grammer or not, the ancient city’s picturesque offerings are plentiful, from the rugged coastline to the maze of ancient buildings that fill its hillside city center. And if the ‘Gram is what you’re here for, don’t miss the city’s most iconic shot of the famous Dom Luis Bridge.

But photo cred aside, there’s much more to the city of Porto than its looks. As Portugal’s second largest city (behind Lisbon), this seaside town offers plenty in the way of history, culture, fresh seafood, and nightlife. And with year-round mild weather and seductive sea breezes, this dazzling getaway holds its own with some of Europe’s most alluring summer hot spots.

While summer is a grand time to go, Kayak suggests trading in the balmier weather for Porto’s stunning (and photo-ready) fall foliage—in October, colors are especially vibrant and airfare costs significantly lower.

Ready to plan your next European vacation? If not for the 'Gram, go ahead and do it for yourself. You'll thank us later. 

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