It was lost in the Caribbean after the hurricanes.

By Marisa Spyker
May 17, 2018
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Last year’s hurricane season may have dealt a devastating blow to the British Virgin Islands, with many homes, businesses, and infrastructure damaged or destroyed. But since the storms, this small and mighty slice of paradise has bounced back in full force—and with each rebuild, re-opening, and recovery, things are getting back to their pre-storm splendor every day.

Recently, an unlikely recovery has locals and tourists feeling some serious BVI pride. The “Ole Red Box”—a vintage, bright red telephone booth that made its home at the very end of a long dock—was feared forever lost after the dock was destroyed in the hurricanes. Since the phone booth was installed on the dock just off tiny Pusser’s Marina Cay years ago, it’s become somewhat of an icon to the BVIs and a frequent stop for tourist photos.

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Post-hurricane, the grounds around Marina Cay were scoured with no sign of the phone booth, which is made of solid cast iron and weighs at least 1,500 pounds, according to Travel Weekly.

Finally, in a Hurricane Irma update, Pusser’s revealed that they’d uncovered the old Red Box “lying buried on a seabed, but at quite a distance from the dock. We can’t figure out how it came to rest where it did.” They plan to raise it from the sea and restore it to all its glory on the rebuilt dock—where it can star in a million more travelers’ Instagram stories for years to come. And in more good news, Pusser’s famous restaurants and Co. Stores are slowly but surely reopening and ready for business.

Which means it might be time to pay a visit to this dreamy tropical paradise sometime very soon—we’ll see you there!

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