This Maine rental has welcomed visitors for more than a century.

By Allen B. Bunting
January 22, 2008
James R. Salomon; styling by Susan Salomon

A great vacation promises refreshing change, a new perspective. And Ocean Point of View, a historic three-bedroom cottage minutes from Boothbay Harbor, Maine, delivers just that.

This weathered clapboard house with blue trim has been owned and maintained by the same family since 1894. It’s filled with antiques and collectibles (including watercolor paintings contributed by artists who visited the house each summer), as well as painted furniture, painted floors, and authentic open-stud walls. “When you come here, you step back in time,” says owner Eileen Horton. “It’s a different world with a different pace. Spend time here and you can’t help but come down about 10 notches.”

The coveted waterfront property, purchased in 1894 for a mere $50, is one of the few parcels on Ocean Point that isn’t separated from the sea by a road. Another draw for visitors: Almost every room has water views. The Tower Room (or honeymoon suite) overlooks Ram Island, and another bedroom has a clear view of Squirrel Island.

Renters can spend mornings combing the shore, watching passing boats and wildlife, and swimming at Grimes Cove Beach. They can visit Wilson Chapel just down the road, play tennis at the nearby Association Courts, or simply nap on the comfortable sunporch. Cooler evenings call for snuggling beside the fireplace and making dinner in the full-service kitchen.

It’s no surprise that the cottage’s original guestbook, which dates to 1904, has entries penned by guests and beachcombers from all over the world. With its sublime surroundings, rustic details, and relaxing atmosphere, Ocean Point of View is sure to broaden every guest’s perspective.

(published March 2008)