By Betsy Cribb
July 14, 2016

We're obsessing over Angler & Ale, the new gloriously nautical, totally Instagrammable dockside restaurant at Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys.

For starters, there's the entry:

The artful script delivers a look that's coastal-cool with a dose of whimsy.

The interior is equally delightful: The colorful café chairs! The rope-wrapped lights! The signal flag oars! Are you swooning yet?

A nostalgia-inducing lighted arrow points you straight to fresh, quality seafood - something that's certainly not lacking on Angler & Ale's menu, which includes Keys favorites, like broiled Florida lobster and whole-roasted snapper.

And that neon arrow isn't Angler & Ale's only bright idea: the restaurant also offers a "Hook 'N' Cook" option so guests can bring in their fresh catch (including lobster, when it's in season!) to be prepared by the chef.

The bar's "Mason Mixers," an array of craft cocktails served - you guessed it - in Mason jars, look tasty, too.

But Angler & Ale's most Instagram-worthy feature? Its waterfront deck.

We love the red, white, and three shades of blue: navy chairs, a baby blue sky, those aquamarine Florida Keys waters - check, check, and check.

And as for the deck's fire pits, there's no such thing as a more idyllic spot for a nightcap:

Ahhhh - I might be miles away from the Keys right now, but in my daydreams, I'm perched in one of those Adirondack chairs with a cool Mason Mixer in hand. Who's with me?! I'll save you a seat.

Thanks to Angler & Ale for the stunning photos!

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