This is where to go to impress your beau, according to travelers.

By Marisa Spyker
February 07, 2019
Malcolm MacGregor Photography/Getty Images

While some nights call for Netflix and pizza, others—Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or just because—are deserving of wine, roses, and an epic meal out on the town with your other half.

And according to a new TripAdvisor ranking, there are certain restaurants that tend to get the love flowing better than others. The travel site recently unveiled a list of the most romantic restaurants in America based on the reviews of millions of diners. And judging by its top contender, it seems if you really want to woo your boo you might want to head to Charleston, South Carolina. The Southern city’s upscale Charleston Grill took top honors among a list of 25 romance-inducing eateries located in destinations from Hawaii to Florida.

According to reviewers, what makes the restaurant extra-special is classy food coupled with great service—all set to the background of nightly live jazz music, no less. Couples dine by candlelight over crisp linen tablecloths while toasting a glass of wine carefully selected from an award-winning wine list. The menu—divided into veggie-, seafood-, and meat-centric sections, features elegant fare, with customer faves including their signature Charleston crab cakes, foie gras, and rack of lamb. If you really want to treat your sweetie, however, spring for the tasting menu, which includes four to eight courses starting at $80 per person.

And if you can’t swing Charleston in time for Valentine’s Day, not to worry: TripAdvisor’s list of the top 25 romantic restaurants includes outposts in Miami Beach (The Forge); Cape May, New Jersey (Union Park Dining Room); New Orleans (August); San Francisco (Boulevard); and Maui (Mama’s Fish House), among many other beachy options. We'll raise a glass of rosé to that!

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