This once-in-a-lifetime work experience comes with a side of international adventure. There’s no ship like an internship, right?

By Cailey Rizzo

Photo: Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Originally published by Travel + Leisure

For those who associate “internship” with fetching coffee or stuffing envelopes, Royal Caribbean is redefining the role as “intern (paid to spend three weeks aboard a cruise) ship.”

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The cruise line’s new intern-ship program will hire one lucky person for three weeks this summer to document his or her journey for Instagram. The only qualifications are that the intern knows his or her way around the social network—the listing advertises an “extensive knowledge of all 23 filters”—have the ability to capture a great shot, and own a smartphone. An inquisitive nature and a love of storytelling would be great, too.

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The intern will board three different cruise ships and visit New York, the Caribbean, Asia, and the Mediterranean. Royal Caribbean will cover all travel, accommodations, and daily expenses for the intern, in addition to a $3,700 (£3,000) cash prize.

However, the company is quick to note that a uniform is not included in this position. The intern will be expected to bring his or her own swimsuit and flip-flops.

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Anyone older than 21 is eligible to apply for the internship. To apply, you need only tag an Instagram vacation photo or video with both @RoyalCaribbeanUK and #ExtraordinaryExplorer. Submissions will be judged by a panel of travel bigwigs, who will also choose the winner.

For those who want a photography brush-up before submitting their pictures, be sure to check out Travel + Leisure's guide to taking the perfect travel Instagram.

The application period closes January 31. Find out more on Royal Caribbean UK's website.