By Tracey Minkin
March 29, 2016

Take the pain out of finishing up your tax return (it's not even April yet ... you still have plenty of time!) by booking one of these amazing trips that are priced at or below the average American tax refund of $3,000. Each of these destination stays is less than $2,000 so you have a grand to spend on airfare (and souvenirs). Ready? Set? Book it!


Escape to Bermuda

It's already perfect beach weather in Bermuda, and this easy getaway to the Fairmont Southampton with lots of lovely amenities and pink-sand beaches can weigh in for less than $2,000 if you book it right. Read more about this trip and book it, right here. 

Play on the beach in St. Lucia 

All-inclusive resorts like Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa are the perfect place to indulge everyone's need to play (or just yours), at prices that make gorgeous St. Lucia surprisingly affordable. Read more about this trip and book it, right here. 

Go big in the Bahamas

A trip to Atlantis, the towering palace of good fun, can run on the very expensive side, but smart tax-refund spenders know the inside hack: Book at Comfort Suites Paradise Island, which comes with full access to its big neighbor’s amazing amenities, including the Atlantis spa, tennis and golf, and the Kids’ Camp. Read more about this trip and book it, right here.


Hide out in Jamaica

This is Jamaica's best-kept secret (until now): a cool bohemian hideaway where the occasional celebrity hangs out, on the quiet southern coast. At an outrageously reasonable price. It's Jakes Hotel on Treasure Beach, and you're welcome. Read more about this trip and book it, right here.


Soak up the sun in San Diego, California

A vacation to this classic Southern California destination rocks it on every level: great beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and lots of top-shelf food, drink, and shopping. This getaway to the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa brings your trip in at less than $2,000, so there's plenty of refund left to spend around town. Read more about this trip and book it, right here.


Go natural on Captiva Island, Florida

One of Florida's most beautiful barrier islands, Captiva can be a pricey stay. All the more reason to head to South Seas Island Resort, a 300-acre escape with 2.5 miles of beach that not only has its own Shelling Concierge, but also dolphin cruises to Pine Island Sound and biking around a protected wildlife sanctuary. And for a price well less than your refund check. Read more about this trip and book it right here.


Do the Baja like an insider

Mexico insiders know that La Paz, the cool community on the Sea of Cortez side of the southern Baja Peninsula, is where it's happening. Book a boutique hotel stay at CostaBaja Resort and Spa for a great deal, plus access to the town's many charms (and incredible whale watching trips). Read more about this trip and book it, right here.


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