When it comes to vacation, are you Team Beach-Chair-and-Chill or Team Adventure?

By Marisa Spyker
February 20, 2018
Photo: Justin Lewis/Getty Images

What’s the best way to alleviate the end-of-holiday woes? Plan an epic Spring Break escape.

And while many people might characterize “epic” as bottomless margaritas on a beachfront chaise lounge (okay, all people), there’s a different type of getaway that’s gaining popularity.

According to members of the American Society of Travel Agents, Spring Break travelers seem to be trading in “fly-and-flop” vacations for experiences that offer a little more adventure (say, sightseeing in the French Riviera, surfing along the Costa Rica coastline, or getting centered at a yoga retreat in Bali).

"Travelers are interested in becoming global citizens in places like Vietnam, Costa Rica, Italy, and Nicaragua,” travel agent Rob Karp told the Associated Press. “Parents are taking their kids all over the world and immersing them in many different cultures.”

According to the Associated Press, agents are seeing an uptick in international travel among all types of vacationers, from families and couples to even college students. And while far-flung destinations are gaining traction, Spring Breakers aren’t discounting tried-and-true warm-weather destinations like the Caribbean.

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The itineraries, however, might be a little different. Interest in Belize, for example, is increasing among those seeking a tropical climate. “These clients are looking toward transformative getaways,” said travel agent Dana Storr. “They want a culturally enriching experience while also having the opportunity to scuba dive/snorkel, take yoga classes and spa treatments. Disconnecting is of utmost importance.”

Exploring (and disconnecting in) a beautiful beachfront location sounds like something we can all get on board with. As for the margaritas? They’ll work their way in somehow.