Is there anything better than a dog on the beach?

By Lauren Phillips
December 22, 2017
©2013 Purple Collar Pet Photography
Photo: Purple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images

Instagram is full of amazing shots of playful pups—and our favorites have to be pictures of these four-legged fluffs on the beach. These are our favorite beach dogs of the year, captured in their natural states: salt in their fur, sand under their paws, and an ocean breeze whistling in their ears.

Best Baywatch Impersonation: Brewster, @brewsterbearthedoodle

Best Splashing: Boone, @boone_doc

Best Tongue: Finnley, @mainejal

Best Beach Hair: Lois Lane, @loislane_thedood

Best Expression: Jackson, @jackson.englishgolden

Best Beach Vibe: Rory, @robbinmangano

Best Pose: Lucy, @thesaltybulldog

Best Beach Perch: Samson, @samsonthedood

Best Sunbather: Nala, @nala_thenugget

Best Smiles: Brandy and Moose, @brandy_and_moose

Best Beach Shake: Bacon, @bacon.the.doodle