Nowhere does crab cakes quite like Maryland, and this summer, you voted this Ocean City restaurant's delicious cakes number one.

By Lauren Phillips
July 14, 2017
Photo: Courtesy of Crabcake Factory USA

Every week from Memorial Day through Labor Day, our readers are voting for the best spots of the summer—and this week’s winner for the Best Crab Cake is Crabcake Factory USA in Ocean City, Maryland!

Since its opening in 1996, this little seafood shack in iconic Ocean City has grown far beyond its humble roots: Today, Crabcake Factory USA has four established locations in the Ocean City area, with a just-opened fifth. None of this success has altered its hallmark crab cake, though—the lump crab cakes here are still among the best on the coast. Even better, crab cake fans across the country can enjoy these delicious cakes from home, as Crabcake Factory USA ships its namesake delicacies nationwide. Non-crab cake fans can delight in Crabcake Factory USA’s other fare offerings, which include a fantastic breakfast menu and excellent Bloody Marys.

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Congratulations, Crabcake Factory USA!

Photo: Courtesy of Crabcake Factory USA