If living with a water view right out your window is a dream come true, head to these states, which boast the highest numbers of waterfront real estate listings, according to data from Redfin.

By Lauren Phillips
July 19, 2017
Photo: Christian Heeb/Getty Images

Living waterfront may come at a premium, but looking for properties in areas with a greater number of waterfront properties available makes the home-buying process less expensive (and less competitive). If there’s more waterfront to go around, there’s a greater chance you’ll find your dream home—without having to spend a fortune.

With the help of data from real estate site Redfin, Coastal Living crunched the numbers and found the states with the most waterfront property listings. Note that, here, waterfront is defined as any property overlooking a body of water, whether it’s ocean, a lake, a river, or a pond. With that taken into account, the top ten might shock you—scroll on to see them, ranked:

1. Texas

2. New York

3. Illinois

4. Michigan

5. Minnesota

6. Florida

7. Washington

8. Wisconsin

9. Massachusetts

10. New Jersey

Texas comes in at number one, according to Redfin’s data, thanks to its 3,359 miles of coastline (which, the NOAA notes, includes rivers and offshore islands). Surprised so many land-locked states made the list? Don’t be: Illinois and Michigan border Great Lakes and Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and these factors are most likely what earned them spots in the top five. The same goes for Wisconsin, while the remaining states are what most people typically think of as coastal.

Florida (and its more than 8,000 miles of coastline) made the list, of course, as did New York—thanks, no doubt, to the high population density in New York City and on Long Island. With a solid mix of East Coast, West Coast, and Midwest states, though, this list is certainly good news for anyone seeking a waterfront home without the hassle of a cross-country move.

Photo: Christian Heeb/Getty Images