Step-by-step guide on downloading and adding Coastal Living wallpapers to your computer.

By Rex Perry
October 02, 2002

All Wallpaper images are sized to 800x600 pixels.

Windows: Right click on the image, then select "Set asbackground" You can fine-tune your wallpaper settings in theDisplay Control Panel.

MacIntosh System 8 and 9: Click and hold the mouse button onthe image. Pull down menu to "Download Image to Disk." Save theimage down the path of: Your Hard Drive, System folder, Appearance,Desktop Pictures, and Photos. Go to "Appearance" under the controlpanels and set the image as your background.

All photographs © Copyright Coastal Living Magazine. AOL users may have troubledownloading the screensavers due to AOL's unique compressiontechnology.

Finding your Computer Screen'sDimensions

Click on the Start menu and go to Settings and Control Panel. Click the Display folder. Click the tab for Settings. Your screen dimensions will be listed under Screen area.

Click your mouse on the Apple Logo in the top-left corner ofyour screen. Pull down the menu and go to Control Panels. Find Monitors or Monitors and Sound. Open the Monitors menu. The size of your monitor, in pixels, will belisting under Resolution.

Note: The dimensions of your screen don't have to exactlymatch the dimensions of the image you're saving as wallpaper. Pickthe image that is closest to the dimensions of your screen.