Travelers from a whopping 30 of our 50 states have their hearts set on one Caribbean island.

By Marisa Spyker
March 06, 2019
Cody Keith / EyeEm/Getty Images

Between polar vortexes and atmospheric rivers, the first couple of months of 2019 haven’t exactly been kind to much of our nation. On the plus side, however, being cooped up inside means there’s plenty of time to dream about spring and, more importantly, to plan an epic Spring Break escape.

According to travel booking site Kayak, that’s precisely what plenty of people did across the U.S. during the dark days of winter. And while there’s unsurprisingly common threads among the top destinations people seek for spring (Sunshine! Warmth!), the places they search for those things can be quite different.

To determine the top trending escapes for spring this year, Kayak recently analyzed Spring Break search traffic across all 50 states. According to the site, the hot spot most commonly searched for from Colorado to Connecticut? San Juan, Puerto Rico.

John and Tina Reid/Getty Images

The island’s capital topped the list of a whopping 30 states as the #1 trending Spring Break destination, with searches increasing 115 percent overall. While Caribbean fever was a tad more concentrated on the East coast—and in particular, Vermont, where the Puerto Rican city earned a 248 percent increase in searches—West coasters seem to be smitten with San Juan as well. (The city ranked as the #1 most trending getaway in Washington, Arizona, and Nevada.)

In California, a spring (and summer and fall) vacation destination for loads of tourists, residents also seem to be opting for Caribbean travel, with searches for the island of St. Martin up 119 percent.

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Florida, another Spring Break mainstay, was also the subject of lots of Spring Break searches, with Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa topping the lists for several states. (Floridians themselves, however, are partial to San Juan.)

With the Caribbean and Florida together holding the majority of America’s top spring destinations, we can only come to one obvious conclusion: People want their Spring Break vacays filled with palm trees and warm, turquoise water. Unless you’re Hawaiian, that is. According to Kayak, people from the Aloha State—surrounded by tropical views year-round—are opting this year for what could be the most non-Spring Break escape ever: London, England. *Insert shoulder shrug emoji here*

See the full list of trending destinations (plus the increase in search traffic over last year) by state below:

Alabama: San Juan, Puerto Rico (91% increase)

Alaska: Honolulu, HI (8% increase)

Arizona: San Juan, Puerto Rico (124% increase)

Arkansas: Phoenix, Arizona (57% increase)

California: St. Martin (119% increase)

Colorado: San Juan, Puerto Rico (156% increase)

Connecticut: San Juan, Puerto Rico (150% increase)

Washington, D.C.: San Juan, Puerto Rico (185% increase)

Delaware: Las Vegas, NV (17% increase)

Florida: San Juan, Puerto Rico (105% increase)

Georgia: San Juan, Puerto Rico (128% increase)

Hawaii: London, England (89% increase)

Idaho: Fort Lauderdale, FL (48% increase)

Illinois: San Juan, Puerto Rico (125% increase)

Indiana: San Juan, Puerto Rico (107% increase)

Iowa: San Juan, Puerto Rico (113% increase)

Kansas: Maui, HI (62% increase)

Kentucky: San Juan, Puerto Rico (56% increase)

Louisiana: San Juan, Puerto Rico (66% increase)

Maine: St. Thomas (102% increase)

Maryland: San Juan, Puerto Rico (153% increase)

Massachusetts: San Juan, Puerto Rico (121% increase)

Michigan: San Juan, Puerto Rico (109% increase)

Minnesota: San Juan, Puerto Rico (139% increase)

Mississippi: Orlando, FL (14% increase)

Missouri: San Juan, Puerto Rico (129% increase)

Montana: Cabo, Mexico (30% increase)

Nebraska: Miami, FL (31% increase)

Nevada: San Juan, Puerto Rico (114% increase)

New Hampshire: Orlando, FL (26% increase)

New Jersey: St. Martin (153% increase)

New Mexico: Miami, FL (50% increase)

New York: San Juan, Puerto Rico (140% increase)

North Carolina: San Juan, Puerto Rico (118% increase)

North Dakota: Orlando, FL (17% increase)

Ohio: San Juan, Puerto Rico (78% increase)

Oklahoma: Las Vegas, NV (18% increase)

Oregon: Madrid, Spain (77% increase)

Pennsylvania: San Juan, Puerto Rico (136% increase)

Rhode Island: San Juan, Puerto Rico (149% increase)

South Carolina: San Juan, Puerto Rico (131% increase)

South Dakota: Tampa, FL (74% increase)

Tennessee: San Juan, Puerto Rico (74% increase)

Texas: San Juan, Puerto Rico (90% increase)

Utah: Rome, Italy (124% increase)

Vermont: San Juan, Puerto Rico (248% increase)

Virginia: San Juan, Puerto Rico (102% increase)

Washington: San Juan, Puerto Rico (102% increase)

West Virginia: San Juan, Puerto Rico (106% increase)

Wisconsin: San Juan, Puerto Rico (138% increase)

Wyoming: Orlando, FL (9% increase)