According to HomeAway, this is the most popular feature travelers search for in a rental property when planning an escape.

By Marisa Spyker
October 16, 2019

While it might be true that it’s the destination that initially fuels wanderlust, one could arguably say that it’s a dynamite rental that ultimately fuels vacation bliss.

According to a new trend report by HomeAway, that’s exactly what most travelers seem to be searching for these days, along with features that lend themselves to afternoons spent lazing away at home. The site recently pulled a list of top search filters HomeAway users employ when booking stays, and the one word that came out on top? Pools.

More people, it seems, are opting for rentals that boast the comforts of home along with perks that make staying in a vacation in itself. Rental stays are no longer simply places to rest your head, but rather attractions themselves.

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And a pool, if we had to pick one, is a pretty stellar attraction. Take, for instance, these five homes with private pools you can rent right now on HomeAway in coastal cities from the Bahamas to the Hamptons.


Puerto Escondido, Mexico, $2,900 per night


Key Largo, Florida, $2,000 per night


Sag Harbor, New York, $1,000 per night


WaterSound, Florida, $500 per night


Exumas, Bahamas, $900 per night

Now, try and tell us that having your own personal pool—and preferably a personal pool bar—isn’t the greatest vacation idea ever.