It outranked television, too.

By Marisa Spyker
May 15, 2019
John Greim/Getty Images

As connected as the world is today, it can sometimes be nice to take a vacation from all the noise that technology brings. Some people might choose to go social media-free on weekends, while others will go a step further by stashing their cell phones and laptops away completely during vacations (this beach resort will even reward you for it).

Sounds nice in theory, right? Because according to a new survey conducted by VRBO, for a large majority of us, that’s all it is. The vacation rental site recently polled more than 1,000 Americans from all age groups on their travel habits, and it appears if there’s one thing we can’t possibly go without on vacation, it’s WiFi.

Of the adults surveyed, 75 percent listed Internet access as the single most important accommodation amenity they seek out in a vacation rental. To put that in perspective, connectivity ranked higher for most people than television and, yes, even air conditioning.

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Over at Airbnb, a similar study polling 2,000 Americans found similar reactions, with 74 percent of people citing WiFi among the most important amenities they look for before booking a vacation stay. In the survey, conducted by financial management firm IPX1031, more Airbnb users chose WiFi as a necessity over features such as a private kitchen, private bath, free parking, AC, and heat.

And before you assume that once on vacay, travelers can overlook a lack of Facebook access, consider the most common vacation rental pet peeves travelers report: According to the Airbnb survey, 52 percent of respondents are apparently still bitter about slow or absent WiFi on a past stay. (That’s a close second to the biggest disappointment, deceiving listing photos.)

So, if you’re thinking of renting out your own beachfront getaway, don’t underestimate the power of an online connection. And if you’re among those who value it even more than central heating, rest assured that Coastal Living’s dreamy Instagram page will always be there to keep you warm at night.